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How Sweet is 100% Grape Juice?

Tel Aviv – 5-July-2016 - Taste is intangible, mysterious. We know what we like, yet we can never fully explain it. Wherever you go in the world, you can find 100% Grape Juice. Wherever you buy it, you know what taste you are getting. Or do you? To explain the difference in sensations, Valiber created a scale to communicate taste in an objective way, so that everyone can understand and share it.

Here are the results of 6 top 100% Grape Juice brands;

How Sweet is 100% Grape Juice?

The Val scale is a patent pending universal method and system for communicating sensations like sweetness, saltiness, bitterness, sourness and umami, all indicated in units of Val.

For example: 1 Val of sweetness = 3.423g of white sugar in 1liter of water. Valiber then used this scale to compare the sweetness of juices.

Here are more detailed results of 6 top 100% Grape Juice brands:

Brand  Sugars 
(gr. in12 fl oz)
Source  Sweetness 
Old Orchard 54.0 Old Orchard 44
Welch's 54.0 Welch's 44
Instacart 44
Kirkland 58.5 Fooducate 48
Eden 37.5 Eden 40
Lakewood 54.0 Lakewood 44

The sweetness of 100% Grape Juice. Sweetness Val is calculated using the Valiber Sweetness Calculator iOS app.

Yuval Klein, Founder & CEO of Valiber, wants to change the way the world thinks about taste: “Too often, our taste preferences are predetermined by the industry. I want people to be able to understand and communicate how sweet they really like something. And I want to enable people to create drinks according to their own taste”.

“We live in a world where we can describe and share everything; from the temperature outside to the depth of your pool. Yet we find it difficult to express how we like something. Imagine walking in a supermarket and being able to compare different tastes of brands, food & drink, and understanding from the packaging alone, what we would like better. Amazing! Soon, expressing our taste sensations in Vals will be a common part of our culinary culture.”

In order to enable everyone to understand their sweetness preferences, Valiber has released its online database with thousands of different soft drinks and juices from more than 100 international brands – all indicated with their different sweetness levels.

Calculate the sweetness of drinks yourself with the Valiber Sweetness Calculator iOS app or use its web version here.





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