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Valiber‘s News

Valiber Swizzle POC #4 Prototype

21/04/2017 10:00


Valiber Swizzle POC #4 is almost ready. It uses Valiber's 'Sweet Light' optical sensor. Such a tiny little glass can make such a big difference

Valiber's 'Sweet Light' 1.0


Valiber's 'Sweet Light' sensor

Valiber Swizzle POC #3 Prototype

16/12/2016 00:00

Finaly we have it and it is working great


Valiber Swizzle POC #3 is ready. It works as a stand-along device but as part of the POC, as an IoT device, it links to Valiber's app and can be controlled by it. Next version #4 (Mar-17) and next we are ready to go (Nov-17). These days we are working with Haier Hope for go-to-market-china strategy. 

The first #3 unit


Valiber Swizzle POC #3 Prototype


The Box





Valiber is part of Haier Hope

15/12/2016 00:00

It is all about being a part

Valiber How Sweet - for Students

16/08/2016 00:00

Valiber is proud to be part of Nan-I Books

Dear Sir/Madam,
This is Nan-I Books, a textbook publisher from Taiwan. Recently we are planning a geography textbook project and highly interested in one of Valiber’s picture (please see the attachment). I would like to get your permission to use it in the textbook, which is to introduce the difference of regional. The following is provided for your convenience.
Title: Geography Textbook for Senior High Student
Publication Date: 2017, Feb – 2020, Feb
Print copy: 15,000 copies
Price: $7
Size: less than 1/4 page
Geographic Distribution: Mainly in Taiwan
In addition to textbook, the pic will be used in other related teaching materials, supplementary materials, and electronic book (CD-ROM). These are free learning materials for teachers and students based on educational purpose.
Please kindly advise me the process of having your authorization.
Look forward to hearing from you soon! Again, thank you!
Sincerely yours,
Vico Li
How sweet is Coca-Cola?

How Sweet are 100% Juices

15/08/2016 17:00

Read more about it

How Sweet is 100% Grape Juice? How Sweet is 100% Grapefruit Juice? How Sweet is 100% Squeezed Orange Juice? How Sweet is 100% Apple Juice? How Sweet is 100% Grape Juice? How Sweet is 100% Grape Juice?

Valiber Sweetness Calculator App

16/05/2016 19:30

Valiber is in a process of updating the Sweetness Calculator App.

The update is going to include;
  • UX improvements
  • Adding more sweeteners
  • Fixing some of the relative sweetness values (RSV*)
  • Adjusting the "non-linear effect" (Some of the sweeteners are not giving double strength for double mass)
  • Adjusting the temperature effect (Some of the sweeteners are not giving the same strength at different temperatures)
  • Adjusting the synergy effect (For some of the sweeteners, when mixing two or more, 1+1 in not necessarily 2)
D Date: 15-Jul-16
For more information, please contact us info@valiber.com.
Have a sweet day,
Yuval Klein
* RSV - The sweetness as compared to sugar (Sucrose) which has a relative sweetness value of 100%.

Valiber on Beveragedaily

05/04/2016 00:00

Thank you Beveragedaily for a cool coverage.


Happy New Year 2016

31/12/2015 23:55

Valiber Newsletter #12

Valiber's Google Knowledge Graph
Dear friends,
Valiber’s Coca-Cola campaign is starting to bear fruit.
Search Google for: “How sweet is Coca-Cola?”. You should get the above knowledge graph box.
If you did get the Valiber box as a result:
  1. Click on the Feedback link in the results page and leave your feedback!
  2. Let us know you see the box by email us the word YES.
Thank you for your cooperation.
Getting the results as a Google KG box acknowledges the fact that Valiber is the only one that can provide the answer to the question "How sweet is Coca-Cola?". Google's Knowledge Graph is a knowledge base used by Google to enhance its search engine's search results with semantic-search information gathered from a wide variety of sources.
Our next step would be to provide an answer to the question "How sweet is 100% squeezed Orange Juice?" followed by the sweetness of other fruit juices and then "How sweet is Cosmopolitan?", followed by 10 other popular cocktails.
Valiber in 2015
  • Coca-Cola campaign launched.
  • The Sweetness of Drinks Database made available on website (search box)
  • Valiber’s Sweetness Calculator made available on website.
  • Developing Valiber Swizzle 1.0 POC prototype using optical technology (in process)
  • Finalizing Valiber’s Indiegogo Campaign (in process)
  • I am committed to complete Valiber's mission in 2016. I hope that we already found the perfect partners for making it happen. More updates soon.
I would like to especially thank our 32 Ambassadors worldwide, our partners at Nekuda DM, and 2 new team members who joined us this year -  Amit Shefi - CTO and Itamar Burshtein - Head of Software Development.
Happy Sweet New Year!
Yuval Klein
Happy New Year 2016


Valiber Swizzle 1.0 POC Prototype Cover Ver. 2.0

29/12/2015 09:00

The 2nd print

Exciting to hold a fresh printing of Valiber Swizzle 1.0 POC Prototype Cover Ver. 2.0.

  1. We have opened a window for the micro USB connector, to allow charging when the cap is closed.
  2. The model produced in Nylon that allows gluing the prism and we improved the inner volume to allow the prism to be flushed with the outer shell wall.
  3. We produces a sticker with back print, so the graphic will not fade.


Valiber Swizzle 1.0 POC Prototype Ver. 2.0

















So Sweet,

Valiber Presents: How Sweet is Coca-Cola?

10/12/2015 10:00

Coca-Cola tastes differently depending on where you buy it in the world.

Read all about it:

  • Press kit - English [here]
  • Press kit - International (10 languages) [here]



+972 (77) 7907790

Valiber's website 2.0 is up

25/10/2015 20:00

We are up!

The new 2.0 version of our website is UP and running!
There are still some bugs that our programmer, Itamar @ budsoft, is working diligently to fix. Fixing them will bring us to the next and most challenging phase – personalizing the website.
What's new in version 2.0
  • Drinks database
  • Sweetness calculator
  • This news section
  • UI changes in the top and bottom bars
We would like to thank  Itamar, Liraz  and Tzahi for bringing our website this far!
Wishing you a Sweet day,

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