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Valiber’s Ambassadors Program
Our Ambassadors Program is a unique program connecting people to Valiber, thus creating a global network for the exchange of new ideas and business opportunities. So far over 35 ambassadors have joined our program:
1. Africa South Africa Ladybrand Gerhard Kriel gerhard@valiber.com
2. Asia China Qingdao Chengjie (Jay) Piao jay@valiber.com
3. Asia India Chennai Ravi Rangaswami ravi@valiber.com
4. Asia Indonesia Jakarta Steve Rion steve@valiber.com
5. Asia Malasia Penang Chan Chuan Hoe chan@valiber.com
6. Asia Singapore Singapore Eliran Atias eliran@valiber.com
7. Asia Taiwan Taipei City Hank Chang hank@valiber.com
8. Asia Vietnam Bien Hoa City Dung Hoang dung@valiber.com
9. Asia Australia Melbourne Narrim Segeal narrim@valiber.com
10. Europe Austria Vienna Lukas Hochmuth lukas@valiber.com
11. Europe Bulgaria Varna Pencho Penchev pencho@valiber.com
12. Europe Czech Republic   Brno Czech Bar Association   CBA@valiber.com
13. Europe Czech Republic Prague Lucien Zell lucien@valiber.com
14. Europe France  Lyon Daniel Becker daniel.becker@valiber.com
15. Europe Germany Munich Mike Doetzer mike@valiber.com
16. Europe Italy Pavia Oren Barak oren@valiber.com
16. Europe Malta Bugibba Rodney Pisani rodney@valiber.com
17. Europe Netherlands Haarlem Wilma Van Vilet wilma@valiber.com
18. Europe Netherlands Hoofddorp Karen Frank frank@valiber.com
19. Europe Russia Moscow Sergey Tsyro sergey@valiber.com
20. Europe Russia Tomsk (Siberia)   Julia Nikitenok julia@valiber.com
21. Europe Spain Madrid Álvaro de Marcos Peirotén   alvaro@valiber.com
22. Europe Turkey Istanbul Cem Turkel cem@valiber.com
23. Europe UK Cambridge Zeev Emmerich zeev@valiber.com
24. Europe UK London Nicola Powell nicola@valiber.com
25. Middle East Israel Tel Aviv Yuval Klein yuval@valiber.com
26. South America     Chile Santiago Gabriel Seguev gabriel@valiber.com
27. South America Chile Santiago Javier Sainz javier@valiber.com
28. South America Guatemala Guatemala Manuel A. Gomez manuel@valiber.com
29. South America Panama Panama City Ruth Israeli ruth@valiber.com
30. South America Uruguay Montevideo Daniel Ruzo daniel@valiber.com
31. USA & Canada California Fremont Raymond Lai raymond@valiber.com
32. USA & Canada California Irvine Arnold (Arnie) Eber arnie@valiber.com
33. USA & Canada Canada Toronto Carl Epstein carl@valiber.com
34. USA & Canada Minnesota Minneapolis Ryan Todd Fagan ryan@valiber.com
35. USA & Canada New York New York Gali Neufeld gali@valiber.com
36. USA & Canada New York New York Lisa Levine lisa@valiber.com
37 USA & Canada Oregon Portland Caroline Varlet caroline@valiber.com
38. USA & Canada Washingon Seatle Michael Robertson michael@valiber.com
























If you areinterested in becoming a Valiber ambassador in your area, please email us to info@valiber.com or use the form here.









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