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How sweet is Coca-Cola?


Tel Aviv, Israel, 10-Dec-2015 – Coca-Cola tastes differently depending on where you buy it in the world.  Valiber, a Food-Tech startup, having developed a universal scale for communicating taste preferences; wanted to show the local differences in taste of the most well-known product in the world.

Coca-Cola’s own labels mention the amount of sugars in grams. However, like other big players in the beverage industry, Coca-Cola does not distinguish between different types of sugars. Fructose is sweeter and Glucose is less sweet than Sugar (Sucrose). This means that depending on the type of sugar used, the taste of Coca-Cola differs, and the label is not an accurate indication of its actual sweetness.


Sweeteners Strength


Together with the internationally renowned Aminolab they conducted a liquid chromatographic analysis. The results unequivocally show the difference of the Coca-Cola taste around the globe:


The sweetness of Coca-Cola per country expressed in Val numbers:

Coca-Cola Sweetness test results

Interesting conclusions:

  • Coca-Cola's sweetness varies around the globe
  • Spanish Coca-Cola is 4 Val sweeter than Coca-Cola in Japan
  • Coca-Cola in the US is 2 Val sweeter than the coke in Mexico
  • Coca-Cola’s sweetness is mainly derived from glucose and fructose, not from white sugar (sucrose)
  • There is no white sugar (sucrose) in Coca-Cola in the US, Spain and Mexico
  • All Coca-Colas tested are actually sweeter than is mentioned on the label (except for in Japan)

Yuval Klein, Founder & CEO of Valiber, wants to change the way the world thinks about taste: “Too often, our taste preferences are predetermined by the industry. I want people to be able to understand and communicate how sweet they really like something. And I want to enable people to create drinks according to their own taste”.


Coca-Cola Sweetness

The Val scale doesn’t just communicate sweetness, but also saltiness, bitterness, sourness and umaminess – all in numbers. Klein says: “We live in a world where we can describe and share everything; from the temperature outside to the depth of your pool. Yet we find it difficult to express how we like something. Imagine walking in a supermarket and being able to compare different tastes of brands, food & drink, and understanding from the packaging alone, what we would like better. Amazing! Soon, expressing our taste sensations in Vals will be a common part of our culinary culture.”

In order to enable everyone to understand their sweetness preferences, Valiber is releasing today its online database with thousands of different soft drinks and juices from more than 100 international brands – all indicated with their different sweetness levels.

Valiber’s patent pending universal method and system for communicating sensations will revolutionize the food & beverage industry. Valiber’s scale is called the Val Scale, the numerical unit is called Val; 1 Val (sweetness) = 3.423g (white sugar) in 1liter (water) pH7 at 20ºC.

Calculate the sweetness of drinks yourself with the Valiber Sweetness Calculator iOS app.



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